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Do you offer gift cards?

We offer a selection of gift cards in design and value.

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We accept all major credit cards.

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Do to safety reasons, we do not allow returns on CBD Products.



In October of 2008, we adopted our son with disabilities - one of his disabilities being seizures and another being Autism. His seizures were not able to be stabilized with medications and a VNS  (similar to an pace maker but for the brain) alone . Additionally, there are a variety of mood and behavior issues that accompany Autism Spectrum Disorder.
His neurologist at Froedert Hospital suggested we add a few herbal supplements along with CBD to control both the seizures and mood. We had to travel a long distance to acquire these products. Once we started giving them to our son, we noticed that his seizures were down to only a few times a month as opposed to a few times a week! Eventually, his seizures disappeared completely!
With such success, we decided we had to share this with others that were in similar situations and those who have chosen to live a healthier life style. Please browse our online shop to see what we offer to help you achieve your new healthy life style.


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 Our goal is to provide healthy and delicious whole/bulk foods from local providers, offering easy access and affordability.

Food and nutrition can be complicated. We prefer simple and want to help our customers find an easy way to integrate simple into their busy life styles.


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Most of our products are stocked in house. However, there are a few items that ship from the supplier on demand. This usually takes 3 to 5 business days. We will charge a flat fee for your order.

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Our Return Policy

We are sorry, due to safety reasons we will not be able to refund or exchange items once they have shipped.

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